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Save & Process Data

  1. Record Data
  2. Process the data later

Record Data

Start the recording service

  • Start the service using the launch file. You also want to pickle the data for easier access later
    • roslaunch rosbag_recorder rosbag_recorder.launch pickle:=true
    • (Note, pickling could take a long time if you’re saving super large amounts of data)

Start/Stop recording

When you run a pick-and-place operation, add the save:=true argument:

roslaunch hand_arm pick-place-run-multi.launch traj:=examples/2finger_grid save:=true

This uses the ROS service protocol to record data on the relevant ROS topics (see rosbag_recorder documentation for more detailed description)

Process the data later

If you pickled your data after saving, you can use another set of scripts to plot them. This takes care of sorting through the mess of a dictionary that ROS creates when saving data.


python ft/up200_11162019_210947